Turret-Type Super Multitasking Machine / TW Series


Best suited for all sorts of Heavy Duty Machining
A super machine, which takes pride for its rigidty and bar capacity

  • Opposed two-spindle, 2-turret construction!
  • 24tools Number of tool stations
  • 24tools Number of driven-tool stations
  • 90mm Y-axis on Upper Turrets (±45mm)
  • 22/18.5kW+22/18.5kW L/R spindle motor
  • 5.5/3.7kW x 2 Driven-tool motor
  • 3600min-1 Driven-tool speed

Photos and Videos

Machine Specification

Max. turning diameter 335mm/300mm
Distance between spindle nose max.1,300mm/min.320mm
Bar capacity 71mm
Chuck size 10"254mm
Axis travel
Slide travel X1/X2 265mm/265mm
Slide travel Z1/Z2 350mm/980mm
Slide travel Y1/Y2(op.) ±70mm/±70mm
Left spindles and Right spindles
Spindle speed 3,600min-1
Left spindle motor 22/18.5kW(op.30/22kW)
Right spindle motor 22/18.5kW
Left turrets Right turrets
Number of turrets 2
Type of turret head/Number of index positions Dodecagonal/12
Driven tools(op.)
Spindle speed 3,600min-1
Driven motor power 5.5/3.7kW
Rotary system/Number of driven-tool stations Individual rotation/12
Floor space(L×W×H) 4,370mm×2,125mm×2,250mm
Machine weight 10,820kg