Turret-Type Super Multitasking Machine / SC Series


Max. Turning Lenght:2,520mm Heavy cutting machine tool

  • Max. turning length:2520mm Max. swing diameter:810mm
  • Milling function:5.5/3.7 ,W3600min-1, Y-axis: ±75mm
  • Massive box-way slides on all axes
  • 30/22kW 2500/2028N * m(Bar capacity: 165.5mm)with spindle motor
  • Dodecagonal 12 station turret
  • Easier setup with the display for NC tail stock&NT nurse system
  • Operation friendly: mobile operation monitor
  • User friendly: Bigger color monitor & LED light
  • Part program stroage length:1280m,Number of tool offset:400 (standard)

Photos and Videos

Machine Specification

Max. turning diameter/Max. turning length 480mm
Max. turning length 2520mm
Distance between center 2,752mm
Bar capacity 81mm 165.5mm
Chuck size 12"305mm 18" 450mm
Axis travel
Slide travel X/Z 322.5mm/2610mm
Slide travel Y(op.) ±75mm
Spindle speed 2,500min-1 1,200min-1
Output 30/22kW 30/30kW
Torque 856/627N*m 2500/2028N*m
Number of turrets 1
Type of turret head Dodecagonal
Number of index positions 12
Driven tools(op.)
Spindle speed 3,600min-1
Driven motor power 5.5/3.7kW
Rotary system Individual rotation
Number of driven-tool stations 12
Collet size AR32/φ1~20mm
Specification 11kN 20kN(op.)
Drive system NC control servo drive
Stroke 2,025mm
Rapid feed 15m/min-1 8m/min-1
Tailstock taper shank Rotating center MT-4 MT-5
Thrust adjustment range 2.5~11kN 2.5~20KN
Machine height 2,213mm
Floor space (L×W×) 6,530mmx2,165mm
Machine weight 15,000kg