Super Multitasking Machine with ATC

Super NTXL

Spindle machining as an application Multi-Tasking Machine of Long Parts !

  • Double steady rest becomes a reality of phase sychronizing transfer of long parts
  • Distance between centers 2.3m
  • 40tools Number of stock tool (op.80,120tools)
  • 160mm Y-axis stroke (Tool spindle)
  • 8000min-1 Milling speed (Tool spindle)
  • 18.5/11kW Built-in tool spindle motor
  • Up to 44kW cutting power available for turning shaft-work with synchronized spindles.(Left spindle motor 22/18.5kW?Right spindle motor 22/18.5kW)
  • 5.5/3.7kW Lower turrets Driven-tool motor
  • 230degree B-axis positioning range (±115degree)

Machine Specification

Max.turning diameter / length 320mm/2,000mm
Distance between centers max.2,300mm/min.400mm
Bar capacity 65mm(op.71mm,90mm)
Chuck size 305mm(12")
Axis travel
Slide travel(X1/X2/X3) 630mm/255mm/255mm
Slide travel(Z1/Z2/Z3) 2,050mm/650mm/1500mm
Slide travel Y ±80mm
Left and right spindles
Spindle speed 4,500min-1 ,3,500min-1, 2,500min-1
Hole through draw tube 66mm 72mm 91mm
L-spindle 22/18.5kW 30/22kW(op..Φ90)
R-spindle 22/18.5k
Tool spindle
Tool spindle speed 8,000min-1(op.12,000min-1)
Rotating tool spindle 18.5/11kW
Tool shank type KM63, CAPTO C6,HSK-A63
Number of tool stock 40(op.80,120)
Max.tool diameter/without adjacent tool 90mm/120mm
Max.tool length/Max.tool weight 300mm/8kg
Orientation function 90 degree positioning
Indexing range 230 degree(±115 degree)
Lower turret
  with steady rest without steady rest
Type of turret head Docagonal drum turret Dodecagonal drum turret
Number of tool stations/Number of Indexing 17/24 24/24
Rotary system - Individual rotation
Spindle speed 3,600min-1
Rotating tool spindle (Lower turret) 5.5/3.7kW
Floor space (L×W×H) 3,673mm×8,510mm ×3,171mm
Machine weight 28,000kg