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A Heads - Tilting


The head in which the spindle is housed rotates around a continuous axis controlled by the NC to allow for 5-axis operations. This is an optimal solution for roughing and finishing operations to be carried out on surfaces difficult to reach and on work-pieces with very complex sections.


The tilting head is available both with new generation mechanical spindles to guarantee high torque rates and with electro-spindles to provide higher compactness and rotation speed rates at the same time. Top level accuracy is guaranteed by the backlash recovery systems and the encoder providing a direct measurement of the tiling axis position.

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Facing Head System

It is our application concerning the 5th axis facing head. On the top side of the head it is also available an NC-controlled motorization transferring the movement to the sliding bars. The motorized heads are automatically loaded from the tool magazine.

Turning Head

A head extension for turning internal operations, thanks to which it is possible to reach a 600 mm depth, is applied onto the head with a fast and reliable automatic change. It is also possible to have the automatic tool change directly on the head.