5-Axis Machines


Ideal for Turbine Blades and More. Finish complicated undercut root work piece in one holding with the swivel B-axis. The VM-X5/250B has no Backlash due to a B-axis swivel spindle head driven by a roller gear and A-axis direct drive rotary table.

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Machine Specification

Main Specification and Downloads
X Axis Travel: 820mm (32.28")
Y Axis Travel: 1020+45(40.15+1.77")
Z Axis Travel: 1020+45(40.15+1.77")
A Axis Travel (Table tilting): 360 deg
B Axis Travel (Spindle head swiveling): +60 ~ -60 deg
Rapid Tranverse Rate: XY: 30m/min-1 (1181ipm) Z: 20m/min-1 (787 ipm)
Spindle Speeds: 100 ~ 12000 min-1
Spindle Motor: 30 / 22HP
Spindle Taper: No.40
Cutting Feed Rate: XYZ: 1 ~ 20,000 mm/min-1 (0.04 ~ 787 ipm)A: 100 min-1 B: 15 min-1
Controller Type: FANUC 31-iA5
Table Size: 250 (9.84"
Magazine Capacity: 40 (OP: 30)